What Does Weed Smell Like Cover PhotoSo you’ve been thinking about trying marijuana for a while now. But you have no idea where to start or what you should know. We’ve decided to help you by creating a short, beginners guide to with some quick questions you may have!

What Does Weed Smell Like?

The chances are if you’ve been living in an urban area, you’ve probably experienced the pungent, sweet smell of marijuana smoke. It’s has a very strong, uniquely attractive sweet smoky scent that cannot easily be covered up.

Although different strains usually smell slightly different, once you know one – you’ll notice everything else. You’ll find yourself walking down the street; completely minding your own business, when suddenly it hits you. And you’re like, damn!

“That smells like some good shit.”

Does Weed Smell Like Skunk?

As the stronger varieties of weed are often referred to as “Skunk,” perhaps you’re left wondering if marijuana actually smells like a skunk? The simple answer is, no. Marijuana doesn’t smell like a skunk. The reason it’s referred to as skunk is because of the animal’s notoriously stinky farts – which are very strong.

What Does Weed Taste Like?

Each strain of marijuana has it’s own unique taste when smoked, however, the beauty of the herb is that it can be infused into just about any kind of food imaginable. Cookies, pizza, tea you name it – there’s thousands of different recipes for using marijuana in food. However, considering marijuana’s strong pungent scent, it is relatively tasteless when consumed raw or in food.

How to Hide The Smell of Weed

SmokeBuddy ReviewHiding the smell of smoked marijuana is a real challenge (check out Smoke Odor Eliminators). But if you’re looking to keep your stash hidden from your parents, cops, or all of above – you should find yourself two sealable plastic sandwich bags. Put the weed in one bag and then double bag it to keep the smell locked in. Usually the smell can be locked in with one bag, but it’s safe to use two as the air in between acts like an insulation for the smell.

If you’re trying to hide the smell of weed smoke, the best option is a SmokeBuddy. Check out our full SmokeBuddy review – for only $12 you can completely filter the smoke!

Now do you have an idea of what weed smells like?

We hope this article helped you with understanding marijuana and wish you the most exciting journey of discovering yourself through the herb. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

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