8 Things To Do While High

Have you ever hit your bong, exhaled, and realized you had no clue what to do next? I have, plenty of times. For these times, I have a go-to list of eight things to do while high. They are simple, and very repeatable. In no particular order, here they are.

Make Yourself Something Delicious


Everyone loves to eat good food when they’re high. If you’re not an exception to this, give cooking a try. While making a gourmet meal may be over the top, making simple, tasty treats is definitely a fun way to spend your time. Personally, I like to go with mac and cheese. Just be careful around anything hot!

Check Out Some New Music


It doesn’t necessarily have to be new, but at least new to you. I’ve discovered some of my favorite music while surfing around Spotify stoned. You will probably find yourself giving music a try that you would have normally skipped over. Listening to old familiar tunes can be just as enjoyable; You may even discover something new in a song you thought you knew well.

Take a Walk

go walking while high

It has been scientifically proven that being outside in nature improves mood. I say a little bit of weed just makes it all that much better. I often walk through the woods with my dog, and a joint in hand really tops it off. This is just as fun whether you are alone or with others, and you will find that these walks become habit quickly.

Make a New Piece

make glass pipe things to do while high

If you say you have enough pieces to smoke out of, I say there is no such thing. If you really think you have enough, make one for a friend. From the humble apple pipe to the mighty gravity bong, there are plenty of possibilities. You’ll love making it, and will be rewarded with something to call your own.


concert while high on weed

This one will most likely take some planning in advance, but is well worth it. I can think of very few places I’d rather be high than a concert. Especially if you are at a festival, most of the other people will be stoned and enjoying the music. Chances are, you’ll also wind up smoking more with new people you meet.

Watch a Movie

watch a movie when high

You can go to a theater, but watching one at home works just as well. If you do opt for a trip to the theater, I highly recommend iMax. If you’re high enough, it becomes very easy to become immersed in the film when the screen seems to fill up your whole field of vision. I also personally prefer comedies when high. If you’re not a comedy person, go with your preference.

Artistic Endeavors

play guitar while high

Almost every one of us has artistic talent of some form, whether it is drawing, painting, writing, or musical. If I see one of my guitars around while I’m high, I’m almost certain to pick it up. Being high makes it easier to explore different ways of doing what you already do, and may take you in a new creative direction.

Get Shit Done

chores while high

Personally, I could always write boring school essays in one go after a bong hit or two. Cleaning and other would be chores become entertaining games. For some reason, getting shit done is just satisfying when you’re high.

Smoke More Weed

What kind of stoner would I be if I didn’t suggest this? Another joint or bowl never killed anyone (literally). Maybe it’ll give you the inspiration for something great to do. Worst case scenario, you smoke yourself to sleep.

I think all of these things to do while you’re high have their own place, and each should be experienced. If you have other ideas to add, or you decide to smoke more and come up with a truly incredible idea, be sure to leave them in the comments.

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