If you’re not familiar with a Smoke Buddy, it’s a personal air filter for weed and cigarette smoke.

Basically, it’s a cylindrical tube with a filter in the middle. You blow the smoke through one end, it filters it, and out comes clean, odor-free air.

Read on for WeedLore’s Smoke buddy review!

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How Does a Smokebuddy Work?

The Smokebuddy’s magic comes from Activated Charcoal.

This powerful substance works to absorb and neutralize smoke particles. It’s so effective at absorbing toxins, odors, and basically anything for that matter, that it’s used in almost all air filtering systems, aquarium filters, and for discrete marijuana growing.

When you blow smoke through the smokebuddy, its filtered through crushed activated charcoal among other air filter material that captures both the smoke particles as well as the odor.

No visible smoke or smell should come from the opposite end.

How Long Does a Smokebuddy Last?

The Smokebuddy is a disposable item. It’s not re-usable in anyway, and once it becomes used up, it’s time to buy another.

In general you can expect your smokebuddy to last 1-6 months, depending on your usage. The company says that this equates to about 300 uses.

Tips to extend a Smokebudddy

  • Don’t store it with the caps on. This can trap moisture in the smokebuddy, hence decreasing it’s absorbent nature.
  • Once it becomes hard to blow through one way, switch directions. You can blow smoke through either side and it is equally effective
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Does the Smokebuddy Work?

Absolutely! I myself have been through more smoke buddies than I can count. I personally prefer using a smokebuddy nearly every time I smoke simply because it’s cleaner. Although I absolutely love the smell of weed, I don’t always like the smell of smoke. I don’t want my home, car, or clothes smelling of weed and this device has helped me achieve that!

The Smokebuddy is perfect for anyone who wishes to smoke discretely, anyone who smokes indoors, or those that simply do not want to smell of smoke!

What would I change about the Smokebuddy?

The only thing I wish they would change would be the ability to replace the filter. Rather than throw out the entire thing, I would rather just buy a new filter. This would be better for the environment and could save money!

Where To Buy a Smokebuddy

Smoke buddies are usually found in headshops, however I usually find that they are overpriced.

You can also purchase a smokebuddy directly from the company.

I prefer buying the Smokebuddy on Amazon… 2 day shipping, best price, how can you beat that?

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