Smoke Odor Eliminators: Best & Worst

Smoke Buddy Air Filter

The Smoke Buddy

This nifty tool is essentially a personal air filter. It filters air blown through it, and is 100% effective at removing smoke and odor. To use, puff puff, then firmly press your lips against the smaller opening, and exhale making sure to keep a tight seal. Before removing the smoke buddy from your face, inhale through your nose and exhale through the smoke buddy again. This will ensure no residual or trapped smoke will leak out. With proper usage, 100% of the smoke and odor will be eliminated.

WeedLore’s Take: This is a product we will never be without! I use this to smoke indoors, or on my patio and it hides the smell 100%! Read my full Smokebuddy review.

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Ozium: Smoke Odor Eliminator

Ozium is one of the most well known, and proven smoke odor eliminators. It’s known throughout the cannabis community to neutralize the smell of marijuana smoke with only a few sprays. It’s designed to be a car air freshener, but it’s smoke eating abilities have given it a home in smoke shops everywhere. Don’t believe me? Check out the reviews on Amazon, ask your friends, it’s common knowledge!

WeedLore’s Take: This stuff is the bomb. I almost always have it on hand. It is available at some convenience stores like Walgreens, or at automotive supply stores. It can be a bit pricier than typical air fresheners, but well worth it. A small spray goes a long way.

ozium smoke odor eliminator
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Incense has been used for centuries to help cover up unpleasant odors. This one isn’t an eliminator per-se, rather a very good mask. This cannabis incesense is one of my favorites, and works incredibly well to cover up the smell of marijuana smoke. Incense smoke combines with marijuana smoke, and covers the smell by over powering the weaker cannabis smoke. If you haven’t tried a cannabis scented incense, give it a shot!

WeedLore’s Take: The incense pictured is one of my favorites. This particular brand does an impeccable job at masking marijuana smoke- This is one of the most sure-fire ways I use to cover up the smell!


A sploof is essentially a homemade smoke buddy… but less effective. However, it can be made with items found in most households, is cheap, relatively effective, and disposable. A sploof works by filtering the smoke through dryer sheets, so although some smoke will still escape, it will smell like fresh laundry! To make a sploof, you will need a toilet paper roll, dryer sheets, and a rubber band. Simply stuff the toilet paper roll with dryer sheets, wrap one around the end, and secure it with a rubber band. To use, simply exhale smoke through the sploof. It is recommended to blow out a window if smell is an extreme concern.

WeedLore’s Take: If you’re in a bind, a sploof is a great option to help eliminate smoke odor.


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  1. Would love to send some of my product for you to try with regards to odor elimination. It is a natural type of product and has residual qualities. it also takes the odor out of clothes and cars. I recently included a sanitizer that I can include. This product will cleanse the air as well as eliminate the odor. It even kills the aides virus. Let me know you thoughts and will send you a few bottles at no cost to try. Just give me a good report, either way as am continually developing new products and markets. Have never made one exclusively for “pot” but could. Bob Prouty

  2. I am the neighbor. The smoker doesn’t care!~! How do I escape the odor?? It is obnoxious and now friends and family don’t want to visit.


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