smoke dabs without a rig cover photoGetting an oil rig is quite the commitment. It’s rare to find a glass piece for less than $80, and then you also have to buy a butane torch, nail, dab tool, etc. Getting a decent setup will likely run you around $150.

So what’s a poor stoner supposed to do? Maybe you’re not ready to make the commitment, and just want to try dabs before investing in a rig.

Here we’ve compiled every way you can smoke dabs without a rig using things found around your house or making an investment significantly smaller than an entire oil rig setup.

Buy a Cheap Vape Pen

While a cheap/decent oil rig setup will cost you $100+, a decent vape pen for wax can cost as little as $20. A concentrate pen is more cost effective because you don’t have to purchase butane or additional pieces like a nail or dab tool.

While most vape pens won’t get as hot as a dab rig, they will provide a similar hit and high. They are also more convenient than a dab rig: they’re smaller and more portable, easy to hide, less chance of burning yourself, low-odor, etc.

We put together an entire post on the best vape pens for wax and concentrates. Check it out here.

Knife Hits

This method requires tools found in every kitchen – a knife, stove, and plastic bottle. Essentially, you heat the knives and use these to vaporize your concentrate. You’ll then use a homemade funnel to capture and inhale the smoke.

To take a knife hit, you first have to create a funnel to capture the smoke. Do this by cutting a plastic bottle in half.

Next, heat your knives on the stove.

Finally, drop the concentrate on the hot knives and inhale the vapor!

Combine with Herb

This is one of the less efficient methods, but will get the job done.

If you’re smoking out of a glass piece like a pipe or a bong, just place some of your concentrate (wax/crumble/kief works the best) on top of the bowl and smoke as usual.

If you’re going to be doing this method, a torch lighter is much more efficient than a traditional lighter, since torch lighters get much hotter.

If you’re smoking out of a blunt or joint, you can sprinkle some of the concentrate inside when rolling. If you have wax/shatter that is moldable, you can even wrap it around the joint/wax.

Car Lighter

While most cars no longer have a car cigarette lighter, this method may work for a select few. The car cigarette lighter gets hot enough to act as a nail on a dab rig.

This method is similar to knife hits, but using the lighter in place of the knives. All you have to do is heat up the cigarette ligther, drop some concentrates on it, and inhale. Similar to knife hits, it’s helpful to create a funnel out of a plastic container to ensure you capture all of the vapor!

Buy a Health Stone

A health stone is a porous stone insert that can be inserted in glass pipes and pieces to smoke concentrates. While healthstones can be found for $20-40, you must also have a compatible glass piece.

Check out the video below for using a health stone to smoke dabs without a rig for cheap:

Use a Glass Chillum

The method I used when I had no rig or any weed to heat my oil or wax into was kind of like hot knifing but better in my opinion. If you have a butane torch somewhere around your house and have a glass chillum or a oney/small sized glass bowl attachment and a needle you’ll be set. Preferably use higher quality glass, cheap glass cracks under heat pretty easy sometimes. I use the oney attachment that came with my helix bowl set and have had no problems. This method broke my cheap chillum though. Just use the torch to heat up half of the bowl area until it gets red hot. Let it cool down a little bit so you dont straight up destroy the cannabinoids in the oil/wax. Then touch what you’re trying to smoke to the inside of the oney/bowl area you just heated up with your needle or dabber. Start inhaling slightly before you touch what your dabbing so it instantly goes into your lungs instead of slightly floating away. Works great and doesn’t taste bad at all. Tastes like any other dab rig I’ve used. Hot knifing on the other hand adds a weird taste and you can easily lose a lot of what should be going into your lungs. Happy toking!

Use a Cigarette/Joint

This is an interesting method… check it out below.

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