Marijuana Side EffectsMarijuana Side Effects: The Good & Bad

It’s pretty obvious that marijuana does one thing very well, which is getting you stoned. However, you have probably noticed many other things that cannabis can do to you, both good and bad.

Today we’ll go over the wide range of marijuana side effects to give you a better idea of how weed may or may not help you.

Physical Effects of Marijuana

You may be aware of some professional athletes who use marijuana, such as the Olympic champion Michael Phelps, or Tim Lincecum, the NL Cy Young winner in 2008. Cannabis use among athletes is higher than you would suspect, and this is because marijuana can do great things for your body.

After a long swim or pitching outing, marijuana can help people like Phelps and Lincecum to relieve muscle tension, pain, and soreness. This is true for everyday aches of people like you and I, not just the woes elite athletes.

If you are looking for this kind of relief, an indica dominant strain is best. Indica strains are known for providing a soothing body high to help in these types of situations.

In summary, you can expect to feel

  • a relief of any pain or discomfort
  • either a heavy, or lightened feeling
  • hungriness
  • sluggishness

Mental Effects of Marijuana

Mentally, the effects of weed can be summed up very simply: It makes you feel good.

Whether smoking an indica or sativa, you are likely to find yourself in a better mood than before. Many people say marijuana also makes them feel more creative.

As a guitarist, I find this to be true, although with a slight tradeoff. My playing will not be as technically accurate and correct, but will definitely be more creative and innovative.

Sativa strains are known to give more of an energetic boost, while indicas are famous for the “couch-lock” that can result from smoking them. I usually find myself feeling somewhere in between. This is true for most people, because most strains are actually a mix of both sativa and indica.

In summary, you can expect to feel

  • an elevated mood
  • general well-being
  • lazy, or motivated, depending on the strain

Short Term Effects of Weed

This is where some of the possible negative aspects of cannabis come into play. The most common are paranoia and anxiety, which can cause an elevated heart rate. These are mostly explained by environment, and the fact that weed is illegal in most places.

People get paranoid because they are afraid of being caught, and the stress of the situation tends to lead to a pounding heart for some.

The high from weed depends on how much is smoked, but you can generally expect to feel fairly stoned for at least an hour. The will probably feel some effects for a while after, but they will be minimal.

Perhaps weeds most famous short term effect of all, is of course, the munchies. Smoking weed will make you hungry. This can cause a problem for regular smokers, as the munchies don’t tend to leave to the healthiest food choices. The best solution here is to just have food ready before you smoke, so you have something ready rather than resorting to Doritos.

Positive Effects of Marijuana

On the bright side, there is plenty weed can do for you. Pain relief is a common use, especially among medical patients. Heavier indicas are often used by insomniacs to get to sleep.. I have found weed to help a lot with headaches, although only in a small amount. I have made a headache worse by going overboard. The happiness smoking weed can bring should not be overlooked either, as sometimes your outlook is half the problem.

I hope I’ve given you some valuable insight into how weed can help you. It seems there is something it can do for everyone. One more important thing to remember is knowing how reliable your source is. If you go to someone looking for an indica to help you sleep, it won’t do you any good to unknowingly get a sativa, and may even make it harder to sleep. Good luck getting the most out of your weed, so you can get the most out of you!

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