Marijuana For Pain Relief

marijuana for pain relief cover photoMarijuana For Pain Relief

Medical marijuana has long been prescribed to patients for pain relief in states where medical marijuana has been legalized. The main benefit of using marijuana for pain relief is that you can forgo other alternatives such as opioids. While no one has died from a marijuana overdose, opioids have become one of the leading causes of death in the United States.

If you suffer from chronic pain and aren’t happy with your current treatment, marijuana may be a suitable option. If you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal, consider talking to your doctor, seeking out a clinic specializing in marijuana as medicine or a doctor specializing in it.

marijuana for back painMarijuana For Back Pain

Many people use medical marijuana for back pain. Back pain is often a chronic condition lasting more than six months. Because of this, it’s difficult to use pain medications because they can often lead to addiction and a host of other issues.

Marijuana is an excellent, proven treatment for back pain. Unlike most pain medications, marijuana can be used long term for treatment.

Not only does back pain cause physical pain, but it can also cause emotional pain. Those that suffer from chronic pain can often be irritable and in a poor mood due to their suffering. Marijuana not only treats the physical pain, but it also helps improve one’s mood and decrease irritability.

In my case, marijuana helps to reduce the pain and also reduce the irritability that comes from regularly being in pain.

Best Types of Marijuana for Pain Relief

The most effective strains for pain relief are often high CBD strains. The most popular strain for pain is ACD. This strain is both high in THC and CBD. Typically, strains that have high levels of both THC and CBD are the best strains for pain relief, and ACD is no exception.

Unfortunately, high CBD strains aren’t as prevalent as they should be. If you can’t get access to a high CBD strain, a high THC Indica strain will work well. One of the most well-known pain fighting Indica strain is blackberry kush.

For more pain-fighting strains, check out Leafly.

The Best Vaporizers for WeedMedical Marijuana for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can come in other shapes and sizes beyond back pain. I use marijuana to treat chronic pain caused by Fibromyalgia, and it works excellent for treating the all over aches and pains.

When using marijuana for chronic pain, it’s important to ensure you’re smoking healthy. If you consume marijuana regularly, consider using a vaporizer or switching to concentrates.

Although it’s never been proven or scientifically suggested that marijuana can cause cancer, it’s only safe to assume that your lungs may not appreciate inhaling burnt plant material on a regular basis. For this reason, many medical marijuana patients use a vaporizer to receive all the benefits of marijuana without the smoke, and downsides.

Check out my post on the best vaporizers.

Consider Trying Edibles for Pain

The great thing about using edibles for treating chronic and nonchronic pain is that the effects of marijuana edibles last much longer than any inhalation method. The effects can last anywhere from 8 hours to a few days.

Because of its long lasting effects, edibles are ideal for treating chronic pain. Edibles are more convenient and allow you to medicate anywhere, anytime.

Edibles do have downsides, though. They can be hard to dose out, easy to “overdose” (sleep too much!), and can take a few hours to kick in. Not only that but they can be hard to come by and hard to make.

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