Marijuana For AnxietyMarijuana For Anxiety

One of the most common uses for marijuana is to calm one’s anxiety.

Although people typically aren’t prescribed medical marijuana for anxiety (unless you live in California) it’s one of top reason the plant is enjoyed for both medical and recreational patients.

For most people, marijuana does a phenomenal job at helping with anxiety. When people are anxious, their mind tends to run so to speak. Marijuana helps to slow the mind and allow you to take a step back and think things clearly.

For example, say you have social anxiety. You have a big gathering to attend to this evening and you’re absolutely freaking out. Smoking a little bit of weed will allow you to slow the panic thoughts running through your head and step back and think “what am I panicking about? What is the worst thing that can happen?”. It helps you to look beyond the biological reactions and feelings you may be experiencing and really put them into perspective.

Marijuana typically slows everything in the body down – This is why it works for pain, digestive issues, etc and also how it helps with anxiety – it slows the mind down.

Best Weed Strains For Anxiety

anxiety photoIndica strains tend to be the preferred strains for anxiety, but it’s not always the case.

If you don’t know the strain, ask if it’s an indica or a sativa. Generally, you can expect indicas to help with anxiety because they are known to bring you down whereas sativas generally bring you up.

With that said, this isn’t set in stone. There are certainly sativa strains that are useful for anxiety, specifically social anxiety. Some sativas can actually increase anxiety and paranoia, so it’s best to research the strain before using if you have any concerns.

The strains below are some of the best well-known strains to treat anxiety:

Grandaddy Purple

This indica dominant strain helps with anxiety, stress, pain, and insomnia. It does a fantastic job at calming the body down, and especially calming the mind. If your mind is going a mile a minute, and you need to calm it down ASAP, this should be one of your go-to strains.


This is a high-CBD hybrid strain. It typically has equal amounts of THC and CBD, which make it perfect for dealing with anxiety. CBD is well-known to treat anxiety and does not contribute to the high feeling. Additionally, THC is often the culprit of increasing anxiety or paranoia, so the lower THC level can decrease the risk of the weed exacerbating your anxiety.

Jack Herer

This sativa strain is well known for it’s ability to calm anxiety. It has a high THC content which creates a dreamy type feeling. Many people say it causes a dreamy and cerebral feeling. This strain also makes many people feel very talkative and puts them in a very positive mood. Consider this strain when dealing with social anxiety.

Strawberry Cough

This is another case of a sativa strain working well for anxiety. Strawberry cough is one of my favorite strains. It gives a strong head high that makes you feel very social and happy. You’ll enjoy an overwhelming positive mood and desire to be with people. It gives a very daydream type high.

Northern Lights

This is one of the most well known strains, ever. It does extremely well for helping slow down and regulate the body, especially the mind. This indica strain helps to relax the mind and body and often gives a sleepy, drowsy feeling.


More strains that are useful for anxiety can be found on Leafly.

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