Cannabis (Marijuana) Butter Recipe

Cannabis butter, Cannabutter, Marijuana Butter, whatever you’d like to call it, makes the perfect base for a multitude of yummy edibles. Medicated butter is the base of special brownie recipes, and makes baking edibles easier than ever. Some of my favorite recipes are marijuana cookies, brownies, pancakes, mmmm!

When it comes to making your own marijuana infused butter, there are many, many ways to get the job done. Some people take canna butter VERY seriously, while others are just trying it out at home. Trust me, you can get pretty technical with the process, but the crude process we’re going to here works just as well (in my opinion).

Keep in mind that there are other ways to make edible treats. My favorite alternative is using coconut oil. The process to make cannabis infused coconut oil is much easier, and just as effective. Coconut oil also works well with many types of baked goods like brownies, cupcakes, fudge! Making medicated coconut oil also requires less tools.

Please note that this is MY way of making canna butter. There are certainly many different ways to concoct this heaven-sent gold, but this is my way. I like to keep it simple, and didn’t invest in any special equipment. I just used what was in my house, and what I had available!

Oh, one more thing! Keep in mind that this WILL stink up your house! If you are living in an apartment, with parents, or roommates that aren’t okay with the smell, this may not be recommended! I also found that making medicated coconut oil produces less smell if that is something you are concerned about.

easy cannabis butter recipe

What you’ll need (Ingredients):

  • Ground Cannabis
  • Butter (not margarine!)


Tools needed:

  • Pan
  • Wodden/Silicone Spoon
  • Grinder
  • Wire Mesh Strainer or Cheesecloth
  • Bowl/Storage Container


  • Gather ingredients, grind bud, weigh out 1/2 oz of marijuana using scale.
  • Place pan on stove, and turn on to low-medium heat. Melt butter.
  • Once the butter is mostly melted, add in finely ground cannabis, and stir. Make sure all cannabis is fully covered.
  • Turn to low heat, and let simmer for 45-60 minutes, stirring occasionally!
  • Place metal strainer over a bowl or storage container, and pour the marijuana-butter mixture over the strainer
  • Let butter firm
  • Your canna-butter is now ready for baking! Enjoy!

For more advanced instructions, check out this sweet YouTube tutorial!

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