Can You Get High From Smelling Weed Cover PhotoCan You Get High From Smelling Weed?

This question can be interpreted in a few different ways.

First, you could be wondering if you you can get high from smelling dried weed – The answer is no. in order for the cannabinoids and terpenes (the active ingredients in marijuana that make you high) need to reach a certain temperature to get into the air and also need a raised temperature to activate the cannabinoids to make them available for your body and lungs to absorb.

If you are wondering if you can get high from smelling weed smoke, the answer is maybe.

Can You Get High From Secondhand Smoke?

If you’re walking into a room with heavy smoke, then you will be exposed to secondhand smoke and could get high. If the heavy smoke has dissipated, and all that remains is the odor of weed, then it’s unlikely you can get high or have any effects from secondhand smoke.

This will all depend on your tolerance. If you’ve never smoked weed before, or only smoke occasionally, you will be more susceptible to secondhand smoke. If you are a regular smoker, then the secondhand smoke likely won’t affect you at all.

If you are in a position where you may be drug tested, say you’re on probation, or could be drug-tested for a job, then you should be careful about being exposed to secondhand smoke.

What is a Contact High?

A contact high is when you get high from secondhand smoke. Like mentioned above, a contact high is only achievable if you have a no to low-tolerance. You’ve probably heard people say they got a contact high from a concert or party.

Again, if you may be drug tested in the near future, avoid getting a contact high! This can show up on a drug test!

In order to prevent spreading a contact high to others, be sure to use a smokebuddy to filter the smoke!

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