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Looking for a cheap bong, huh?

Cheap bongs are great for travelling, camping, single-use situations, and for newbies. There are quite a few options available for less than $20.

Below are some of the best bongs for CHEAP!

Cheaper = Smaller Bongs

Smaller bongs are almost always cheaper. If you are planning on using the bong for travel, or need it to be discrete, going for a small bong is probably your best bet. Even better, small acrylic and plastic bongs are incredibly durable due to their break-resistant material.

These bongs are easiest to find online. Local smoke shops usually carry these sort of bongs, but tend to mark them up like crazy.

Shopping online allows you to get exactly what you want at an incredibly low price! Check out Weedlore’s picks below:

The best place you should check out is Amazon.

I don’t think Amazon allows its sellers to sell bongs specifically, which is why you’ll find that they are usually listed as hookah pipes.

This bong is listed on Amazon for under $20. Granted, it’s only 6 inches tall, but it will certainly get the job done.

Buying a bong on Amazon comes with many benefits. First, they offer incredibly fast shipping. Unfortunately, most online head shops tend to suffer from slow shipping. If you’re looking to get your bong fast and cheap, buying on Amazon is the way to go.

Second, buying a bong on Amazon is discrete. No one will question what’s in an Amazon box!

An alternative is a mini Hookah from Amazon.

There are a variety of these water pipes available and usually cost less than $15.

However, you’ll be majorly sacrificing your smoke quality if you opt for this cheaper version. Traditional bongs help to cool and concentrate the smoke in a way that a mini hookah pipe just can’t match.

Cheap Acrylic Bongs

Bongs for Cheap 1
This is by far the best cheap bong you should consider. For less than $20 you get a full-sized, fully functioning, durable, and stylish bong.

This bong is made from acrylic which makes it cheaper and more durable. It’s easy to hide, easy to travel with, and above all, easy to clean.

This bong is dishwasher safe, which means you can pop the whole thing in the dishwasher for dead-simple cleaning – something you shouldn’t do even with the nicest glass bongs (they can crack and shatter!).

Available on Grasscity for $19.50

Looking for something even cheaper?

If you’re going to be investing in a bong for cheap, we DEFINTELY recommend going with the bong above. If $20 isn’t considered cheap enough, check out the options below:

Bongs for Cheap 2
This little thing is basically a 6” piece of plastic pipe with a downstem engineered in. Most people wouldn’t call this a bong, it’s more of a water-pipe, but it will certainly get the job done.

This water-pipe is incredibly portable and durable – so if thats on the top of your list, this is worth considering. At less than $10, it may be worth you trying.

Bamboo Cheap Bong
If an acrylic bong isn’t for you, then you better check out a bamboo bong. Bamboo bongs are made out of a bamboo shoot – they’re eco-friendly, cheap, and pretty cool looking.

Bamboo bongs cost around the same as an acrylic bong. They are just as portable and cheap, but are usually harder to clean.

If you’re looking for the trifecta of cost, convenience, and portability, then an acrylic bong is for you.However, if you are eco-concious, you may want to opt for a bong made from renewable materials like bamboo as opposed to acrylic plastic.

The bamboo bong above is abailable on Grasscity for less than $20.

Full-Sized Glass Bong for Cheap

If you’re looking for a full-sized traditional glass bong, check out the option above for less than $30.

Glass bongs have many benefits over acrylic or other materials. Most experienced smokers snuff their nose at acrylic bongs because they say the taste isn’t the same. Some acrylic bongs can also have a strange smell and be difficult to clean (not the one we mentioned above!) which is why glass is preferred.

Glass bongs also have a cooling effect that leads to smoother smoke. Finally, glass bongs usually have glass bowls opposed to metal bowls. Glass bowls tend to have a better flavor compared to metal bowls and stems.

glass bong for cheap

A full-sized glass bong will cost between $30-100. The bong above is available on Grasscity for less than $30. 


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